Smoking Cessation

Low Level Laser Light Therapy, also known as LLLT or Cold Laser, is essentially a painless treatment similar to acupuncture but instead of probing needles, it stimulates the pressure points by penetrating the skin with a concentrated light source.

Specific acupoints on the body are targeted to encourage the release of your natural endorphins.  This results in a calming and relaxing effect on the body and you may even feel a mild sense of euphoria.  This decrease in stress also stimulates the body’s natural ability to detox, greatly reducing your withdrawal symptoms.

Most of our clients find that they only require one, or maybe two sessions, and they report a decrease in their nicotine cravings right away.  If at any time they start to feel the urge to smoke coming back, they return for a booster session which usually does the trick.

As with all of our services, we like to set realistic expectations, so if you are not totally ready to quit yet, or you are doing it for someone else, it probably won’t work very well.  While it is a powerful tool, you do need your own willpower to make it happen because alone it is not a miracle solution.

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